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Welcome to my Website...Thanks for being here!

I have been creating drawings, paintings and writings all my life, and have worked on website, flyer and brochure design projects since 2005. I find this makes good use of my detail-oriented visual and organizational skills, and it's very rewarding to be able to display my clients' works online, as well as my own. This site marks the first public showing of my creations... I am honoured to share it with you :)

I was born in 1969 and grew up in Montreal, Quebec. In 1988 I left for Ontario to study Recreation & Parks Operations, as I had thought I'd like to be a Park Ranger and spend my time in the beloved outdoors. Oddly enough I've ended up mostly sitting in front of a computer, but I do love the countryside where I'm now living. Nature has always been a huge inspiration for me...

From 1993 to 2000, I attended the University of Toronto, while also parenting my wonderful son born in 1990. I graduated with an Honors BA in Psychoanalytic Thought, Religious Studies, and Fine Art Studio. Currently I am focused on further refining my Web skills through an online course for full Certification in 'Front-End' Development.

Please feel free to Contact me with website design/development project requests.
I am Certified in HTML & CSS, Flexbox, and experienced with CMS (Squarespace, WordPress, etc.) If interested, please see my Web Dev Portfolio Page on GitHub.